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     I had purchased collectable dolls for many years before going into business, and also purchased after entering as a partner in The Doll Centre.  You may have seen The Doll Centre's advertisements for many years in Doll Reader Magazine, Dolls Magazine, and on the internet.  It is time to part with many of my collectibles.


The following dolls listed for sale at prices that are close to the original issue price or lower. Most prices are at, or close to, original wholesale.  If interested, please write me an email at: mary@marysdollsite.com.




     1. Usually there is only 1 doll of each, because it is a private collection.

     2 An attempt will be made to answer all email. 

     3. Check this site periodically for the new listings.



     1. Buyer must pay for the actual shipping/handling and insurance.  Shipping method may be defined by buyer.



Lenox dolls made in 1985

These dolls are 100% highly-polished porcelain bodies, silk fabric.

Dolls are NRFB condition - Each has Certificate of Authenticity

These dolls were made directly by Lenox (not farmed out)

Abigail (20")

Jessica (20)

Mary Anne (20")


Miranda (14")   Not Avail

Amanda 16" Not Avail

Samantha (16")

          Melissa (16")   Not Avail


     FREE -- For those that are interested, I have a four-page brochure that is free (while available) to those that send a stamped (first-class mail), self-addressed  long envelope to:  665 Placerville Dr., Placerville Ca, 95667.


     The brochure is shown to the right of this frame.





                   Samantha     $490.00      Original Limited Edition of  only 500. This was the first (and only) Lenox China Christmas doll of this edition).  She is all fine porcelain, jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips.

                   Abigail           Not Avail     Original Limited Edition of 1000 (only 200 were made)

                   Jessica          $360.00        Original Limited Edition of 1000 (only 200 were made)

                   Mary Anne    $360.00        Original Limited Edition of 1000  (only 200 were made)

                   Amanda         $360.00        Original Limited Edition of 1000  (only 200 were made)

                   Melissa          Not Avail      Original Limited Edition of 750.

                   Miranda        Not Avail       Original Limited Edition of 1500



       Check, Bank Draft, or Postal Money Order--Dolls will be shipped upon clearance.



     I believe that these are the first (and probably the only) "regular" sized dolls made by the Lenox Gallery of Gifts.  Lenox made their initial approach to the collectable doll market with this series, and in doing so, made dolls of highly polished porcelain that is reminiscent of many of their other fine works.  The fabrics were of the finest cotton linen and silk.  And the eyes are of hand-blown glass. The following is an excerpt from the brochure mentioned above.

(These dolls were made by Lenox---not by a separate doll company licensed by the Lenox company).


Brochure Excerpt:

     ""The Lenox China Doll Collection evokes all the charm and beauty of the Victorian era. Designed by June Amos Grammer and produced exclusively for The Lenox Gallery, these dolls embody the excellence in design and craftsmanship for which the Lenox name has long been famous.

     The Lenox China Doll Collection captures the elegance and unspoiled innocence of dolls created by French and German craftsmen of the late 19th century. Completely original, Lenox dolls reflect rather than copy the dolls of that time. With its delicate coloring and sophisticated costumes, the collection combines the exquisite artistry of June Grammer with the incomparable quality of Lenox fine china.

     You will be enchanted by the beautiful sisters in the Lenox China Doll Collection. The oldest (20") and middle (16") siblings are made entirely of Lenox fine china and jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. The charming youngest (14") sisters, each of whose head, arms and legs are made of fine quality Lenox China, have supple cloth bodies to enable them to move into appealing stances. A delightful ensemble of smaller dolls reflects the innocent look of young girls of the Victorian and Edwardian eras. To achieve a wholesome natural look, each doll is individually hand-painted. Expressive hand-blown glass eyes, enhanced by delicate brows and eyelashes, lend a serene expression to their lovely faces. The design of each costume expresses romantic softness in an understated way. June Grammer chose materials from the finest fabric houses - exquisite Irish handkerchief linen, delicate cotton lawn, soft batiste, rich silk. Tiny pearl buttons and little loops fasten the dresses. The costumes and underclothing are trimmed with delicate lace. Rich silk and satin ribbons embellish the costumes. Many of the coordinating bonnets are adorned with silk flowers. Slips and bloomers, trimmed in lace and silk, are unique to each costume. The wonderful faux suede shoes have either pearl buttons or silk ties.



     First in a series of Lenox China Christmas Dolls. limited to an edition of 500.  Samantha is made entirely of Lenox fine china and jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. Her festive holiday dress is fashioned of red and green striped silk taffeta. with a luxurious ruffle at the hem drawn dramatically upward to a cluster of silk ribbons fastened at the center back. Her charming bonnet and fitted empire jacket are dark green cotton velveteen lined in the same richly striped silk. H. 16" ".

email me at Mary.L.Spano@gmail.com

Or call us at 530-621-2889


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