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Wendy Lawton, Lee Middleton Originals, Susan Wakeen, Doll Photos


Dolls by Jerri (McCloud)


            Annette                                  Cassie ("Shy Little Miss")                Catherine (More...)                    Celeste (More...)                    Danielle & Her Doll                                     






         Emily 1984 (More...)                                       Goose Girl                              HelenJean (1986)               Janie's Flower Garden (12" overall)




                Gina                                     Little Miss Nobody (More...)                   Jamie (1988)                           Jerri's "Logo Doll" (More...) 

 Pastel blue dress Click for description   





    Mademoiselle Sylvie                         Emily & Scottie  (More...)                             Snow White (More...)                     Tina & Bo (More...)





                   Uncle Remus (More...) and {Miz Meadows (n/a)}



Lee Middleton Originals


                                                              Baby Grace, 1990, Porcelain                                             "First Born My Baby Boy, 1995


Lawton Porcelain Limited Edition Dolls


             1st Birthday                           Amber Autumn                  Baa Baa Blacksheep                          Brazil                       Cradle Board Navajo     



     Crystal Winter (n/a)             Frolic (Amish Girl)                 Goldilocks & Baby Bear                Heidi                       High Tea - Great Britain



     Honey Bunch                          Lavender Blue                           Lawton Logo Doll             Legend of the Poinsetta         Little Black Sambo



      Little Boy Blue                        Little Eva, 1988                  Marcella and Raggedy Ann             Marigold Garden                    Mary Chilton            




Midsommer (Sweden)                    Ndeko (Zaire)               Oliver Twist                         Piping The Haggis               Pollyanna (Lawton)                



    Poor Little Match Girl       Spring Blossom  (N/A)              Teddy and Me                    Snow White                          Summer Rose                                 



        Swan Princess                    The Blessing (Mexico)         Topeng Klana (Java)             Topsy   (1988)                 To Market, to Market         



      Wee Handful (Guild Doll)                       Patricia and Her Patsy                           


          Dolls by Elaine          Thelma Resch Doll       Susan Wakeen 


                      "Tess" by Elaine                                  Sophie by Elaine                         Maggie, by Thelma Resch                                                 Star 


              Sonja Hartman Dolls              Elisabeth Lidner


                Verena                                    Sarah & Camilla                                                Micheli


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